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Why Wooden Homes?

1. A wooden house is easy and fast to build, is energy efficient and preserves our natural environment. The use of wood as a building material ensures a healthy living environment for us and the generations to come then wood and timber buildings are the simple answer.

2. Timber is sustainable and one of the oldest building materials. Wooden homes are very healthy, wooden material has the unique ability to “breathe” and balance the indoor climate. Air passes through the wood grain, gets cleared, moisturized and maintains comfortable temperature. Thus, the house always maintains a comfortable microclimate, which is especially important for kids and persons with different allergies.

3. No material has been able to match the unique characteristics of wood including strength, durability, and ease of use, natural thermal resistance and stability. Wood is also outstanding for absorption and resistant of vibration. Log houses are suitable also for earthquake areas as very stable and strong constructions.

4. Timber structures of massive cross-section demonstrate very high fire resistance. When exposed to fire, wood surface becomes charred, which prevents the further development of fire.

5. The assembly process of a prefabricated wooden house is designed in a way that there is minimum or no impact to the surrounding flora and fauna. Manufacturing of wood products consumes 10 times less energy than production of other construction materials.

Why Prefab Homes?

As a prefabricated log house manufacturer Himalayan Wooden Homes can design and build special projects, tailor-made houses and private label products. We also have a wide choice of interesting ready-made projects and solutions. However the technology used allows the design of modern solutions to meet client’s and architect’s visions. For example, log homes for urban environment, double wall or extra insulated machined log homes, pre-cut and post & beam houses with modern architecture.

Choosing prefabricated wooden homes you will get many advantages:

1. High surface quality – we only buy high quality dried materials. The production takes place in controlled indoor environment using the most contemporary CNC machinery.

2. Light dead load – compared to other building materials wood has the best ratio of dead load and load-bearing capacity.

3. Due to fully automatic CNC woodworking machines production is very quick and accurate.

4. Complexity – all details are numbered and packed in order, which guarantees fast and easy set up on site, also is saving our customers time and money.

5. Structural stability – glued laminated timber retains its shape and dimensions. In addition, a building from glued laminated timber does not need long time for settling and this enables considerable saving on finishing time.

Advantage of Wooden Homes :

1. Fire Resistant

2. Water Proofing-100%

3. Termite Resistant

4. Heat & Sound Insulated

5. Environment friendly home

6. Energy saving & Less time consuming

7. High cost efficient: visit us to understand the economics

8. Easy to Maintain

9. Required time for installation is 10-30 days

Technical Specification of Wood :

1. Wind Load:- 10 Grade (Speed < 100 km/Hr)

2. Snow Load:- 0.8 KG/Square Meter

3. Earth Quake:- 8 Grade

4. Wood Density:- 450-480 KG/M3

5. Water Content:- 12-15%

6. Specific Gravity (Oven Dry Average):- 0.47

7. Modulus of Elasticity:- 12 300 MPa

8. Modulus of Rupture:- 81.1 MPa

9. Wood Grade:- J